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For agriculturalists, this period is also a lull, with nothing to do but wait to see if enough rain falls on the crops in order to produce a viable harvest. The rulership of Saturn can clearly be seen in the Tarot image related to this decan as well. Known as the Lord of Strife in the Golden Dawn Tarot , this card often features images of conflict, the nature of this conflict explicitly related to the conflict between the ruler of the sign of Leo the sun and the ruler of the first decan Saturn.

The nature of Jupiter is much more in agreement with Leo, and so this decan represents the victory that comes out of the strife of the previous cycle.

Aries Decans: Their Impact On Your Personality And Life

With any luck, the thunderstorms both thunder and lightning being associated with Jupiter bring precious rains to the fields, assuring a bountiful harvest. Known as the Lord of Victory, in the Golden Dawn , this card features a rider sporting a laurel crown. This image harkens to the Celtic festival of Lughnasadh, which was traditionally accompanied by games and sporting contests.

You expect a great deal from your closest peeps as well as those in your professional world, so chances are, some may accuse you of being inconsiderate, demanding, controlling or bossy.

Wednesday, October 9

There is a stubborn mule in you that is too headstrong to listen to what others have to say — once you have made up your mind, no amount of persuasion or advice, and perhaps scare tactics, can convince you otherwise. You can be rather blunt and brash in your stop- telling- me- what- to- do message, and this often leads to unwanted conflicts and misunderstandings. You are, by nature, a temperamental person whose mood can behave like a pendulum on the clock.

When you are happy, generosity and kindness flow freely from your heart. However when you feel restless or moody, you are quick to snap at anyone that rubs you the wrong way, not to mention, get into a full- blown rant about things you disapprove, or find stupid, and of course, annoying characters that you secretly want to smack them with a powerful punch.

In astrology, the Sun symbolizes ego, vitality, strength, positivity, youthfulness, warmth as well as creativity. So, no wonder you are an extremely driven and ambitious optimist that believes life is too short not to take chances, and would pursue your goals relentlessly.

Astrology Aries Learn Decans

You have an eager desire to achieve success, but this determination, or should I say, hunger to be the best and be admired by others might cause you to become unscrupulous. This means you may morph into some cunning and manipulative backstabber that uses lies and trickery to oust whoever you deem to be a real threat to you.

My friend, you also have a vengeful side that has the ability to hold grudges for a very long time, and when the opportunity arises to get even, you have no qualms about taking full- scale revenge. You are known to be outgoing, friendly and generous, not to mention, you possess a superb sense of humor that can light up any room you enter.

People gravitate towards you like kids to the sound of the ice cream truck when you tell funny stories, and want to be your friend. You can get along with anyone, whether they share the same interests as you or come from a different background, or are 10 years older than you. However, you tend to prefer the company of folks that look up to you as a role model to emulate and sing high praises about your accomplishments.

You love the feeling of being envied for your beauty and brains, and of course, what you have. You are especially kind and magnanimous to those dear to your heart; when you make them a promise, you not only deliver the moon, but also throw in the stars as a surprise — after all you like being surprised and seeing the unexpected. Predictability bores you to tears.

Aries Decan 2 - Jail Breakers & Simmering Queens

Impulsiveness is probably your biggest weakness. Sometimes, what started off as a lively discussion could quickly escalated into a fierce verbal war because of your tendency to jump to conclusions prematurely and say whatever pops into your head. You have an explosive temper that is easily triggered and can be rather childish when confronted or mocked.

Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system, and is considered as the greatest benefic when it comes to astrology because it brings good luck, prosperity, generosity, optimism and opportunities.

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The planet of plenty also symbolizes righteousness, honesty, mercy, benevolence, wisdom as well as intelligence. Under this influence, you are a helpful and warmhearted person who is always radiating positive energy.

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  8. You have a lot of self- confidence, and your determination gives you the ability to tackle whatever obstacles come your way. Those in your personal world are very fortunate to have you in their lives — your caring and compassionate side never fail to show up when they are feeling like a lost and confused kid in a huge shopping mall, and need to hear an encouraging word. Being an unselfish giver of your love, time and resources, you are willing to put your closest peeps before yourself and would go to great lengths to make them smile.

    You are the type of parent that would rather go hungry to buy an expensive new toy for your little one, or downgrade to a smaller home to bail out your adult children. You have a charitable heart, and since Jupiter is associated with expansion and largeness, you are likely to give a greater amount of money, or more than one donation.

    But because you cannot resist a sob story, I ask you to beware of manipulators that are natural experts at spinning tall tales of misfortune to evoke pity, not to mention, Grade A flatterers and sweet- talkers with the ability to inflate egos to the size of a giant parade balloon.

    It is a time of wonderful growth and personal development. You are ready to spread your wings and take on the whole world. You can see that now the season has established itself Aries 2 is secure in itself and is ready to shine.. The Sun is exalted in this decan so it does supremely well here as you can tell by the many superstars with this placement.

    Maybe they have yet to be toppled or other aspects in their chart give them some protection from this potential. My theory here is that these folk are no wallflowers, so you either love or hate them. Exaltation has the effect of making someone almost too good to be true.

    Aries Second Decan (March 31st - April 9th)

    Those with heavily afflicted Suns will feel the opposite is true and may feel trapped in worlds, not of their making. It is of great importance that these natives strive to uncover their true nature, for it is there that their lost power resides. So I believe you really need to look at what these exalted Suns connect to, as this will modify the interpretation.

    Annalise: I hear you!