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Meanwhile, what do you find here? First you find it the basic characteristics of people born on August Then you will find a list of strengths and defects that correspond to the zodiacal signs and weaknesses to which the people born under this sign belong. Sometimes who is born cusp, ie between one day and another and especially when there is a zodiac sign, does not know exactly under what zodiac sign was born and then after the table you can choose your exact day and understand what sign of the western zodiac you belong to.

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Also, after the merits and defects, you can discover your guardian angel which generally protects you in life, a guardian angel with special features, and finally some names of famous characters born the same day. You can of course also choose another day to discover and read the characteristics of the people born in another day and month of birth.

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Personality: The main characteristic of the people who are born in this nineteenth day of the eighth month of August, is to be very curious and careful observers of everything that happens in life. These individuals love to receive news, they like to disclose messages that may concern society and not just their private and personal life.

February 19 Birthday Astrology

Often they can do a work connected with science because discovering, inventing and learning new things is always something that really likes. But sometimes we can witness an ambiguous personality because, in some cases, these people want to appear, they want to show themselves to the world and in other cases they want to remain hidden, they want to stay in the shadows and not act directly.

However their pioneering spirit is very accentuated because here we are in the presence of a double combination and influence of the Sun which is simultaneously the planet governor and the dominant planet. Great instinct, great physical strength even when we are in the presence of women and a lot of energy that can be exploited in sex but also to create, innovate, achieve something very important for themselves and for the whole society.

Usually the best works should be those in which their strong spirit of independence should not be overshadowed and in which the command must find a good outburst, otherwise their personality can suffer highs and lows. Be the first in your professional sector, have a strong ambition and never give up the obstacles of life, here are other important qualities that must be used, taken out and not be hindered because when a person is born on August 19 , becomes irascible because of his inner suffering and the impossibility of not being able to act and do what he wants, then we must avoid having him as an enemy.

In love these characters are obviously very demanding and have a strong dose of attraction that allows them to be great lovers and excellent suitors. As for eroticism, the energies are at a very high level and those who love those born during this day can confirm that they have a real lover at their side. Merits : strong character, wants to excel, sense of duty, wants to be the leader, independent, dynamic, strong intimate passion. Defects : excessive, it shows too much its power, wants to command everyone, stubborn, does not doses its strength, not very cooperative.

Those born on any day of January are Those born on any day of February are Those born on any day of March are Those born on any day of April are Those born on any day of May are Those born on any day of June are Those born on any day of July are Those born on any day of August are As such, you spend considerable amounts of energy and resources to meet those needs. You are a visionary who is set to transform your society.

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Although you tend to be free-spirited and adventurous, you come across as somebody who genuinely cares. People around you appreciate your spirit of volunteering. Actually, a good number of them would be willing to contribute in your endeavors, if only you reached out for them. However, the planetary alignments indicate some flaws in your personality.

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Failure to take care of them may dent your image. For example, you tend to be temperamental. Having mood swings will not augur well with your intended goals of saving humanity.

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Try to adapt to your setting. Avoid being carried away by forces outside of you. Also, avoid being hesitant and paranoid. This will get you stuck right in the middle of some crucial project. Learn to be daring, to take the bull by the horns. After all, you have achieved in the past. You can do it again!

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  7. All in all, you are an enigma. Use this aura of mystery to push forth your humanitarian agenda. You share your February 19 birthday with many prominent people from around the globe. Here are some of them:. The February 19 zodiac people are in the 1st decan of Pisces. This decan covers those born between February 19 and February Your life receives much influence from the Planet Neptune. Just like this planet, you are eager to learn, enthusiastic, outgoing, and creative. You have a desire to meet new people.

    This is more so if such people can help you achieve your goals. You have a genuine interest in what other people think and feel about your environment. You are greatly empathetic.

    July 19 Zodiac Sign

    Your love for others is natural. You put yourself in their shoes in order to understand the world from their angle. For this reason, you try to establish friendships with as many people as you can. Being an open-minded person, you appreciate other people, regardless of their cultural background. You believe in an ideal world, where everybody coexists in peace and harmony.

    You have a high emotional quotient. This means that you can read the mood of any social situation with ease. You can perceive vibes from other people. All you need to do is to either look at them or hear them speak. You are so efficient in this that it is almost surreal. People born on February 19 are suited for jobs that require a high level of intellectual capacity. You can excel in psychology, psychiatry, and other such related areas. Purple reflects your personality.

    People are awestruck by how you carry yourself. Again, you come across as mysterious. They are committed to long-term causes. Read on to understand why. It empowers you to be sensitive, versatile, loving, and compassionate. This is why you depend more on your feelings than on logic. Love and Compatibility for February 19 Zodiac The February 19 zodiac lovers are adventurous as well as creative. This will help you to avoid the potential pitfalls that are common in such relationships. What are the Traits of a Person Born on February 19?

    go here Do you know why people flock to you for help? It is because you are a February 19 zodiac person! Famous People who Share the February 19 Birthday You share your February 19 birthday with many prominent people from around the globe. Your Career Horoscope You have a high emotional quotient. Final Thought… Purple is the magic color of the people born on February