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In the Kite pattern, there are four planets connected to one another and it sure does look like a kite! Now if a Grand Trine is extra easy energy and a sextile is easy energy. The chart will also reveal some other area in the chart that will provide you some degree of character building strengths.

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Take a peek at Madonna's Natal Chart below and look for the Kite pattern. The tip of her kite is in the middle of the 6th house at Chiron in Aquarius. She also has 1 T-Square and 2 Grand Trines in her chart. Did you know there are , astrological types? Nothing in it is meant as a prescription or as medical advice. You should check with your physician before implementing any changes in your exercise or lifestyle habits, especially if you have physical problems or are taking medications of any kind. Box - St. When drawn out on a chart wheel, the resulting pattern looks like a kite, and provides an actively beneficial influence for the bearer.

Trines are all about the harmonious flow of creative energy, and Grand Trines bring positive opportunities; so a Kite enhances those effects and brings a focus on reaching out and grabbing hold of opportunities to express creativity in a concrete way. The concreteness comes from the opposition.

Sometimes, the benefits of a Grand Trine are taken for granted, but the opposition within a Kite provides its usual challenge in a positive framework. This person might, for example, find that they always have to express their feelings and their desires and have great difficulty in holding back what they feel or think. Every thought, every feeling would tend to require some action on their part because every time their Moon or Mercury is used, so is their Mars.

The manner, style and motivations of these expressions would, of course, depend on the Sign in question. The key issue with Stelliums is one of balance. Individuals with a Stellium often find that they tend to devote a large percentage of their time and energy towards the types of activities that stimulate and allow them to express their Stellium, by both Sign and House.

What is important, then, is for these individuals to make a conscious effort to find some balance and perspective in their lives, which they can do by choosing to explore the energy and activities represented by the opposite sign and house from their Stellium. This will tend to be easiest when there are planets transiting opposite the Stellium, although it can obviously be done at any time.

The Grand Trine is a 3rd Harmonic aspect, and occurs when three planets are in the same element Fire, Earth, Air or Water , each forming a Trine to the others. A Grand Trine forms an equilateral triangle, and in Sacred Geometry, the equilateral triangle is said to represent the level of pure being. In this manner, a Grand Trine is similar to a planet being in a sign that it rules: when a planet is in its rulership, it is operating on the level of pure being and on its own terms.

While this may be good for the planet, it's not always easy for an individual to integrate this energy. A Grand Trine, then, is the pure expression of an element. Trines in general, and even Grand Trines in particular have a reputation for being wonderful, positive, enjoyable aspects. This reputation is not entirely deserved, however.

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Each aspect has its own nature and function, and none are better or worse than others. The nature of the Trine is ease and harmony, and Trines represent a constant, open and effortless flow of energy between the two planets or three planets in the case of a Grand Trine.

Kite by Kelli Fox, the Astrologer

Trines do certainly indicate talents, and they are certainly comfortable aspects because they are always there, always operating, and never require any conscious effort to maintain. The challenge with Trines comes when we try and control or stop the flow of energy, to change the patterns of behavior encouraged by the Trine. This is even more difficult with a Grand Trine, because the three planets are linked in a closed circuit of energy that is able to build up a tremendous amount of momentum. Grand Trines can often feel like too much of a good thing.

Because they are so easy and comfortable, and because they truly represent the easy way out, they can discourage us from exploring and developing the more challenging areas of our charts and of our lives. More than that, we have a tendency to take Grand Trines for granted; Trines are notoriously lazy, and Grand Trines often represent vast untapped potential. The talent is there, the creativity is there; what is missing is the drive to make use of it. Grand Trines often seem to illustrate the maxim "what we obtain too cheaply, we esteem too lightly.

Grand Trines in Fire tend to be extremely active. The element of Fire expresses through action and activity.

Individuals with a Grand Trine in Fire may always be on the go, and also must learn not to over-extend themselves. The element of Fire, like a flame, will burn as hot as it can until all of its fuel is gone. A Grand Trine in Fire can often contribute to an impulsive nature; it can also indicate a tendency towards absolute honesty, since the Fire Signs can only express themselves from their true nature and are incapable of deception.

Grand Trines in Fire can be very intense, and emphasize the tendency of the Fire signs towards expansive and sometimes explosive expressions of joy or anger. Individuals with a Grand Trine in Fire must learn to conserve their energy, and to explore the full range of emotional expression rather than simply expressing the most intense and primal emotions.

Grand Trines in Earth, on the other hand, tend to be the least active. The element of Earth is associated with the material plane, and individuals with a Grand Trine in Earth will tend to be very grounded and practical in their approach. Earth signs enjoy structure, and routine, and security, and a Grand Trine in Earth is the most likely of the Grand Trines to become addicted to certain behavior patterns. Earth signs are extremely sensual, and enjoy all of the physical pleasures and creature comforts that the material world has to offer.

A Grand Trine in Earth seems to say that if it feels good, then do it, and this aspect pattern can generate a wide range of excuses and rationalizations to make changing bad habits quitting smoking, for example, or sticking to a diet that much more difficult. Although a Grand Trine in Earth can indicate creative and artistic talent, as well as the ability to realize and manifest ideas in a tangible way, the challenge to actually take action rather than indulge in comforting activities is always present.

The element of Air relates to the mental and the social realm. Individuals with a Grand Trine in Air tend to be extremely social and relationship-oriented. Air signs are all about making connections, about forming ideas, and about expanding our understanding of the world. All of the Air signs are double signs, and therefore all of the Air signs have an inherent understanding of duality and seek to find the balance between opposites, to discover the connection between them. With a Grand Trine in Air, an individual would tend to have a very active mind, and to be the most comfortable operating in a detached, objective, and theoretical manner.

While Air signs enjoy a wide variety of social contacts and exchange of ideas, Air signs are not comfortable with emotions, particularly with the more intense and powerful ones. Air prefers to move quickly along the surface, rather than explore too deeply. Grand Trines in Air prefer talking about things and thinking about them to actually taking any action, and because of the swift-moving nature of the element of Air, these individuals may tend to have a rather short attention span.

It may be less that they find it difficult to focus on one task for any length of time, and more that they don't see any need to do so another rationalization courtesy of a Grand Trine. The element of water relates to the emotional and spiritual realm. Individuals with a Grand Trine in Water tend to be extremely sensitive to emotions, both their own, and those of others. The Water signs each operate on the deepest, the most unconscious, and ultimately the most transformative levels.

Individuals with a Grand Trine in Water are likely to trust their instincts and their intuition, and to make choices and take action in their lives based on how they feel. These individuals tend to be very in tune with the spiritual and psychic realms. The planets involved in the Grand Trine will largely determine how openly these individuals are able to express their feelings, but whether or not they feel comfortable wearing their hearts on their sleeves, individuals with Grand Trines in Water go through life feeling things intensely. This depth and intensity of emotions, however, can often result in oversensitivity, and excessive emotional drama.

Individuals with Grand Trines in Water may be at their best when there is a crisis, when someone needs help and someone is there to care for them and either role is perfectly acceptable to a Grand Trine in Water. These individuals may tend to try and create a crisis, however, in order to experience the healing, the transformation and the emotional energy. A Kite is a Grand Trine that has a fourth planet opposing one of the three planets in the Grand Trine. While the fourth planet forms an opposition to one of the planets, it also sextiles the other two planets. Kites will always be in the same polarity, either feminine Earth and Water or masculine Fire and Air.

Kites can be considered to be Grand Trines with some perspective. The opposition is quite helpful in encouraging individuals to actually take advantage of the gifts and talents offered by the Grand Trine. Oppositions, however, are not action inducing aspects, so even with a Kite, there is no guarantee that the individual will fully exploit it.

The Opposition gives the Kite a sense of direction and of focus. The Grand Trine has no beginning and no end, and can be thought to be constantly spinning its wheels as it were. With a Kite, the planet in the Grand Trine that is being opposed becomes the focal point, the leader of the aspect pattern if you will. The Opposing planet forms a kind of an anchor, or a reference point allowing the lead planet to see a clear direction and purpose.

Kite (disambiguation)

The two sextiles from the remaining two planets to the opposing planet offer the opportunity to activate the channel created by the opposition. In theory, a Kite is structured so that all of the creative energy and creative potential of the Grand Trine can be honed and focused, and find expression through the axis of the Opposition, with the primary point of release being through the planet, sign and house of the focal planet of the Grand Trine. In practice, a Kite is still a "soft" aspect pattern, and lacks any real internal motivation to take action.

The main difference between a Kite and a Grand Trine is that an individual with a Kite may be aware that they could be doing more with their talents, while an individual with a Grand Trine generally lacks that perspective and awareness.

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The awareness provided by the Opposition, however, does not guarantee any action. Kites, however, do tend to express more efficiently when stimulated by a hard aspect, because of the built-in sense of direction and perspective. But as is the case with most "soft" aspects, once the pressure is off, the tendency is to settle back into the most comfortable and least taxing routine. A Mystic Rectangle is formed when two pairs of oppositions are sextile each other.

The result is an aspect pattern that includes two sextiles, two trines and two oppositions. This is another "soft" aspect pattern in that it does not generate friction, discomfort or a need to take action.